About Hair Stencils 

It only takes seconds to spray a design into the hair.

Anyone can spray them in, at home or in the barbershop/salon or training school.

You can use the sprayed in design as a template to cut around!

Its much quicker than doing it free hand and you get a much sharper design.

They save time on the shop floor with more precise shapes.

Also great for training and gaining confidence doing Hair designs. 


Hair designs or hair tattoos are becoming very popular. It involves cutting out or colouring shapes or designs in the hair which looks particularly good on Afro hair or thick black hair, but on blonde or mousey hair it doesn’t look so good (although it does come out well on bleached hair). As this trend gains popularity kids with lighter hair find they can’t wear these designs. Hair stencils are a new way to do designs with hair colour spray, which will wash out and if needed you can cut the design into the hair after you have sprayed the tattoo on the hair. Its makes it so easy!

Barbers, hairdressers Hair Academy's and training schools are using hair stencils as a training tool for students who want to learn how to cut hair designs or tattoos into the hair! It’s so simple and quick! They are also being used on the shop floor as they are much quicker to use than doing freehand work.

At the start hair tattoos were just a male thing but girls are getting designs cut into their hair now, from roses to butterflies, tribal designs anything goes really.