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Posted by Peter Quinn on Sunday, March 10, 2013,

Airbrush artists are buying the hair stencils to do these designs on the face and body, something I have not tried but they are using them for shows. They work very well with air brush paint. They can also be airbrushed into hair which gives a great finish.

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Outlining Using Oil Pastels

Posted by Peter Quinn on Sunday, September 23, 2012, In : Hair Stencil Tips 

Oil pastels are great for outlining the areas you cut out. It gives the design real definition and a professional finish. I often tell people to use eye liner pencil to outline the cut out areas, it’s very easy to do and they can use different colours depending on what they are wearing or just to shake up the look a bit if they go out a lot. I used eye liner pencils for a while but after doing a demo while teaching a class I found the eyeliner ran out too quickly under the heat of the light...

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About Me

Working with hair for many years. I did my first design in the late 80's and I was hooked. I used templates I made myself from cardboard (from cereal boxes) in the shop doing difficult designs especially for circles. Later on I started to make them up from a plastic I found which I still use today and sell here on the website. Hair stenciling is becoming more popular as the years go by. I have worked on hairshows, tv, fashion shows and regularly have designs featured in the national papers.