Extreme Barber Hair Stencils

The stencils are strong and should last a lifetime if they are looked after. If you are painting the stencils on you can use with Hair colour sprays, Air brushing, poster paint (non toxic of course), eye liner pencil is great to outline the shaved in section so are oil pastels. 

When cutting designs into the hair, the hair needs to be thick and dark to achieve the best results. Using hair stencils allows you to tattoo, or stencil anyone’s hair, dark or blonde; in fact they need not have hair at all! So where a cut in design won’t be visible in hair that has been cut with a half blade or a zero (with no guard on the clipper) a design using hair stencils will be visible as it is sprayed on. Most hair spray paint can be used on the skin. On dark hair use a light colour, white looks great for a tribal design or a star design.

On light hair use dark colours to get the maximum contrast.


How to use the stencils.

1. Ensure the hair is clean and dry then hold the stencil against the hair.

2. Shake the colour spray and spray a light coat to the hair through the stencil in short bursts. Make sure to get into the corners, but always hold the can straight in front of the area you are spraying, holding it at an angle may allow spray under the stencil.

3. Take stencil away. You should have a perfect design in the hair. If you apply too much hair spray paint it will run and look blotchy. If there is not enough you may not have enough definition. So if your design doesn’t look sharp, rinse it off, dry the hair and start again. It may take a few attempts to get it right.

If you are not cutting the design out with a clipper spray some hair spray lightly over the painted area to fix it. If you get some overspray (hair spray paint outside the stencil) you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth.


 For a two piece stencil design.

Use the background stencil (A) first and then use the centre detail (B). You must use a different colour for each stencil so the background and foreground contrast. Then follow the instructions above (How to use the stencils.)


 Cutting out the design.

Once the design has been sprayed into the hair you can begin to cut it out with a clipper. I would recommend that only qualified barbers or hairdressers should cut out the designs for obvious reasons. Slowly work your way around the border of the design. Try not to cut into the painted area. Take your time and always watch where your clipper is going. Angle the clipper so that you have a clear view of the area you are cutting and the area ahead you are going to cut. Don’t try to make it perfect, just go over it lightly first and don’t cut to close adjust your blade so it doesn’t cut too close. When you have finished the outline stand back and examine your work, making note of any areas that are slightly incorrect (if you have gone into the coloured area or you have gone to far away from the coloured area). Now readjust you blade or use a detailer to get in real close and clean the line, evening up areas that you may have strayed on the first time round. You can spend as long as you want doing this, the more time you spend the more definition you will achieve. Now and again stand back to see the total design and how it is shaping up. You can wash the colour out afterwards if you want now that the design is done but it can look well if you leave it coloured, as long as you haven’t smudged it while you were cutting the design.


Cleaning Stencils.

To clean the stencils just rinse with warm water and a drop of washing up liquid. Then pat dry with a towel.