Heres a sample of my work, from hair shows to shop designs. Due to copyright I cant post pictures of designs I have done for film. 

Created this design with the Ireland crest stencil. Sprayed it in, then cut out around the sprayed area.Then to finish I used chalk pens. You can use eyeliner pencils or Oil pastels.  

An American flag Mohawk. I used the extremebarber hair stencil to do the stars.  

Hair Design

A simple design really stands out with some colour and makes it unique! 

Hair Stencil design

A shooting star, most popular design. 

hair stencil

Guinness Hair cut. 

hair star design

Oversized star. 

hair stencil

The Rolling Stones "Hot Licks" Logo. 

This is the lightning flash hair stencil before the outline is cut into the hair. 

hair stencil
Fauxhalk with design
Flame Hair design

A "Tribal" design, like a tattoo. People bring in tattoo designs for me to cut into their hair. 

Hair Tattoo

Offline faux hawk with the fin running at an angle starting at the right of centre at the front and ending up left of centre at the back, coloured for effect. 

Batman logo, coloured in with Hair colour pencils.

hair tattoo
hair stencil

I used the star stencil to get very sharp and even points on this design, a crescent moon and shooting star. 

Superman cut in and coloured. 

hair stencil

 Multiple stars.

hair stencil

Oversized star with lines on the nape. 

hair stencil

Flame effect in the hair using hair spray paints, red, orange and yellow.

Even a single line can be very dramatic. 

Flames take a while to master. I spent a while drawing flames on paper to familiarise myself with the lines.