How to do Hair Stencils

First, choose a stencil,  hold it right onto the hair where you want the design (hair must be clean and dry).

Secondly spray on your chosen colour with coloured hair spray the brands I recommend are Graftobian and Kryolan, these are expensive but very good quality and are used by special effects crew in theater and film. There is also Colour fx which isn't as expensive and is suitable.  Don’t forget to shake the can well and use in short blasts being careful not to over-spray as this creates bubbles. Lift off the stencil carefully so you don’t smudge the paint. If you make a mistake, just use a damp cloth to wipe off the colour spray, easy!

Third step almost finished, use some hairspray to lightly spray over the design to fix it and your done! It’s that simple! So now you are ready to show off your new "hair design" or "hair tattoo." 

Now once the shape is on the hair you can use a clipper to cut it out and define the detail, giving the design a 3D effect. They do work well either cut or sprayed or both.

You can do a "sprayed in only" Hair Stencil Tattoo for a party, a night out, a different look if you’re a bit bored of your style and want to pimp your hair, for whatever reason and then wash it out the next day !

They are being used by barbers and hairdressers to do designs on the shop or salon floor and for training students in hair design. But what ever you use them for, it’s easy to do a Hair Stencil Tattoo in 3 steps and the stencils are reusable! To clean the stencil just rinse off the colour spray, if you leave the colour on a few minutes it’s harder to get off so you will need a drop of washing up liquid or shampoo on a cloth to clean off the paint.   


Reasons to use Hair Stencils

 1 Not many people want a tattoo to last after a party or night out, because of work, college or school. A sprayed in stencil tattoo will wash out.

 2 Even if the hair is short, or if the customer has no hair, a stencil tattoo will work perfectly!

 3 The blonde or mousey hair issue, shaved in designs don’t stand out as there is no contrast between the hair and scalp so definition suffers. A spray in stencil tattoo is the solution.


                           Extreme Barber Hair Stencils are protected by International Patent Protection.