Promote Your Business!

A company logo cut and coloured into hair turns heads!

At a public function a hair design featuring a company logo will be noticed!

 There are many ways to use a hair design to advertise from a public function with models wearing your logo, an ad campaign or for web content. 

If you have a company that would be suited to this type of advertising and you are interested in finding out more e-mail me for details

This Guinness haircut was on the cover of all the tabloid papers, one broadsheet (Irish Independent) in 2006 and also on the BBC news website. Hair designs really do grab attention and turn heads.


Previous clients for hair design and hair stencils include;

  "Father and Son" T.V drama for ITV.

  Story Vault Films "Bulk Buy Britain" for Channel 4,

  L'oreal USA Artistic Team.

  The L'oreal Colour Trophy June 2012 with the Dylan Bradshaw Artistic Team (Ireland).