No more waiting in barbershops! Yes you read it right, you don’t need to queue anymore in your local barbershop due to the launch of a new app, aptly named QCuts.
So how does it work? Well your barber can set you up with the app or you can download it from Google play, it’s free for the customer. It will allow you to see when your favourite barbershop is busy or quiet.
Search for a barbershop in your area, if you travel a lot you can save a barbershop you find to your favourites to use again in the future. You can also get an alert from the shop letting you know the queue time is down to ten or fifteen minutes and you can get in and out in the time others spend just sitting in the queue. Barbers can use it to let customers know about special deals, new services, new products in stock or even days the shop will be closed or a member of staff is on a day off. How did no one think of this before?  
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