Stencil Pack of Popular Designs

€ 15.00 

Save money and buy a combination of 8 Stencils in one pack!

The pack contains 5 one piece stencils, 1 Star, 1 Lightning Flash, 1 Tribal, 1 Design, 1 "Design 2," and three two piece stencils, 1 Superman, 1 Batman, 1 Skull n' Bones. 



Stencil Pack for Guys

€ 12.00 

This is a pack of 7 popular stencils, Flames, Star and Stripes, Batman and Skull 2 (both one piece stencils) Swish, Tribal 1, and Stars with lines.

Being one piece stencils these are all very easy to use and would suit all skill levels.


Stencil Pack for Girls

€ 12.00 

Again very simple designs to use. Save by buying a pack instead of individually.

Heart, Arrow (use these together for a heart with an arrow through it or seperately), Star Swirl, Butterfly, Rose, Shooting Star G1 and a Large Half Star for over the ear. 


Multi Pack

€ 49.99 

A multi pack of stencils. This pack has been requested by customers, it comprises of 27 assorted stencils and contains all 5 tribal designs.

Ideal for colleges, hair academys and barbershops.